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Helping You Find the Best Outdoor Lighting Provider in the Treasure Coast & Palm Beaches

There are as many reasons to add outdoor lighting to your Treasure Coast or Palm Beach home as there are companies who offer to install it, but how do you know which company to choose? Are you looking to increase your safety, property value, continue to use your outdoor spaces after dark, or just add beauty and aesthetics? You may have a design idea in mind but not sure if it is optimal for your space. You want your system to be stunning, customized, and professional so how do you find the right company to ensure you get the quality lighting you are looking for? To help you find that company, get the right answers to these top questions:

Do they specialize in outdoor lighting? – The best outdoor lighting providers focus on outdoor lighting exclusively. Day after day they design and install the best outdoor lighting plans.

How do they design your outdoor lighting systems? – The best outdoor lighting providers custom design systems specific to your property. If a cookie-cutter approach that focuses on fixtures is taken, he/she may not be highlighting the property’s best features.

What kind of fixtures do they use? – Outdoor lighting fixtures are exposed to the elements and here in Palm Beach and along the Treasure Coast, they are exposed to harsh salt air as well. These components will lead to corrosion over time if the fixtures are not made of copper or brass, the materials used for maritime equipment.

Who installs their systems? – The best installers specialize in outdoor lighting and are specifically trained for such. If a lighting company subcontracts installations, you have more research to do in order to ensure you get the results you want.

What controls do they offer? – Outdoor lighting systems are even better with timers or controls. Today, you have many options, including astronomical timers and Lighting Control Automation. Both are powerful control that adjusts automatically to daylight savings so you don’t have to reset your system. In addition, LCA controls interior and exterior lighting, and can even turn your air conditioner or heater on and off.

What maintenance plans do they offer? – Be sure your outdoor lighting company provides some type of maintenance plan. While some systems are better than others, there is always a possibility that something will go wrong. Make sure the company installing your system will also provide maintenance when you need it. The best companies offer routine service work or even yearly maintenance plans to ensure the system continues to run perfectly.

How strong are the guarantees they offer? – If a provider offers good warranties, you are probably receiving a quality system. Excellent outdoor lighting providers have confidence in their work.

Armed with this research, you can find the best outdoor lighting provider to meet your property’s specific needs. And now that you have these to help you make your decision, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of the Treasure Coast & Palm Beaches to see how we measure up.

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